Thursday, 7 March 2013

Transforming Thursday: creating sparkly jars

Today we thought we'd show you how we made some really cute glittery jars - they're so easy to do and can really be done by anyone who's got ten minutes to spare. They can be used for so many things - make up brushes, for decoration with a flower or two in them, stationery, art supplies, eyeliners, spare pennies, anything you like really! Because they're so simple, if you've got children why not get them involved in making them? Be warned though, they're incredibly messy so make sure you've got something down to protect your carpet or table!

You will need:
- The jars (you can either use empty ones you have anyway or buy them from somewhere like Wilkinson)
- Glitter (ours was from Wilkinson and the glitter paint was from the 99p store)
- Paintbrush
- PVA glue

Step one: apply the glue to the surface of the jar

Step two: sprinkle your chosen glitter over it, ensuring you have something underneath to catch the excess

Step three: you can either stick with one colour or layer up the colours to create a patterned effect

Step four: Harriet used her glitter paint on the lid of one of her jars to create a sparkly effect and some Barry M glitter hearts on the other lid

Step five: wait to dry!

Don't they look cool?

H & E x


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