Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Worn out furniture Wednesday: overhauling your cabinet

Emma's been getting all creative and turning some plain old cabinets into some really special pieces! It's really cost effective to consider DIY rather than seeking out a sometimes pricey vintage or vintage inspired option. Plus it means you will get exactly the furniture you want without having to compromise on style, colour or finish - it's a win win all round plus it gives you an exciting project to plan which won't take up all your time but will give you a finished product which can stand in pride of place in your room of choice!

This was the original cabinet which was purchased for £5 at a second hand shop.

You will need:
- Small sample paint pots (these were £2.99 from Homebase)
- Clear varnish (this pot was £7.99)
- Sandpaper

Step one: clean the unit with soapy water then gently sand it down.

Step two: paint it twice, leaving to dry between each coat.

Step three: add a coat of clear varnish which will protect it from chipping.

Step four: sand down the edges and the feet to give it that shabby chic vintage feel!

H & E x

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