Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday finds: vintage and homeware treasures

Today we're mixing it up a little and instead of our regular Fashion Friday feature, we thought we would bring you some of our favourite treasures from our homes. As you'll see from the pictures, many of Emma's favourite things are antiques she's collected with the help of her dad over the years and some of the snaps are of pieces from her dad's home that they've found together. Whereas Harriet's are all a little more recent with some modern bits as well as vintage. Enjoy!


How amazing is this 1930s Beatrix Potter teaset? everytime i visit my daddys i always have a peek at my favourite things......i love this!!!

These suitcases make you want to pack up your belongings and travel around the world on an adventure!

The perfume bottle on the top right is from the 1930s too!this blue enamel ladies cigarette case is from the 30s love the elegance of it...

                                           these are some of my favourite vintage bags ive collected over the years from varoius antique fairs ive attend....this 50s wooden rocking horse is a beaut,which i brought for my beautiful grandson....


The beautiful tape player on the top right was given to me by my nan and I absolute love the cushion on the bottom left which was made using vintage fabric by our lovely friend Emily.

I love the tin on the top left which stores all my earrings beautifully for me. I love owls and the cushion in the top right was a recent find from Primark.

H & E x

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