Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday Steals: what we're loving this week

This week we've been picking up lots of new products and clothes that we've fallen in love with. We wanted to share a few of these with you today!

I love this new tweed Jaeger jacket which I picked up for £1 from my local charity shop. This can be worn with almost anything and I can't wait to style it up!
How adorable are these tea bags with little sayings on them? They were just 50p from Morrisons which is an absolute bargain.
And these gloves are simply amazing! They're so original but wearable.

I also picked up this new tailored riding jacket for just £1, I totally can't wait to wear it!
I made this new hair bobble myself - I'm sure they'll make a statement in anyone's hair and they look really cool in both this bold pattern and in a different denim look I've tried out.
These bendy rollers were a complete bargain for 99p!

This tailored black Jaeger jacket will go with almost anything and is definitely one of my favourites!
I'm loving my new make up from MUA - I got the cream blush in shade bittersweet, some me time lipgloss, lipstick in shade three, mega volume mascara in black/brown and lipstick shade 13.


I've had this Jellypong Brazilian Sun powder for a while but have to admit I hadn't really used it too much. However this week it's been an absolute life-safer to me by giving my face a bit of colour while I have been battling the lurgy!
This vintage parka style coat with fur collar is one of my favourite coats and has been helping keep me super warm this week while the weather has been so cold.
There's nothing like a bunch of flowers to remind you that spring is around the corner! This beautiful bunch have been brightening up my room no end.
I love this V05 Miracle Concentrate that I started using this week, you put a little bit in your hair before blowdrying and it makes it feel so much better! It's especially good if the ends of your hair are a little dry from being dipdyed.

H & E x

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