Saturday, 23 March 2013

A very vintage Victorian home

Today we'd love to share with you some of the beautiful things in our amazing friend Emily's Victorian house, which she shares with her hubby Mark and her gorgeous baby daughter Pearle. Her home is full to the brim with amazing vintage finds and it's all put together so fantastically. It really shows off their individual style!

This birdcage with pretty flowers is the centrepiece on her dining room table, while the side cabinet is laid out beautifully and includes a stunning picture of Em and Mark on their wedding day. This retro breadbin is found in the kitchen while they has this cool fireplace in their bedroom.

Above are the fireplace in the lounge, the chair featuring an amazing owl cushion in Pearle's room, boxes stacked up in their attic room and some fabric hearts which hang off the wardrobe in the nursery.

Everything here is amazing, especially the picture which hangs in the kitchen. Emily found the print in a book and had it blown up to fit - it just looks stunning!

In the kitchen there's something a little different to a regular fruit bowl! And how cute is this heart shaped jar lid?

All of the lamps in the house are so cute and match their room perfectly, these shelves with vintage teacups proudly take their place in the kitchen which this cute jewellery holder really catches your eye!

They painted this wardrobe themselves and it looks amazing in the attic room. The attention to detail really pays off in Em's house, with tiny things like these handles on the wardrobe adding the finishing touches to each room.

This bird picture is super cute, as is the Noah's Ark mobile in Pearle's room and the handles on the wardrobe in the attic room.

These are the railings in the attic room which totally add to the character of the room, while Pearle's room is just an overload of cuteness with her name spelled out on her cot and these pretty floral lights.

Love ornament in the attic room along with pretty wallpaper also owned by Emma! These cute flower lights brighten up Pearle's room and these shelves are just adorable.

We hope you've enjoyed having a look around Emily's house as much as we enjoy visiting!

H & E x