Friday, 22 March 2013

Oversized trend in a bag

Oversized laundry style bags are no longer just a go to when you need to carry tonnes of stuff - they've become a fashion hit in the past weeks with fashion forward girls taking them everywhere! The one real plus of this trend is you'll never have to ponder what to leave out of your bag, now you can take everything everywhere with you!

We've got together a couple of examples of the kinds of bags everyone's loving at the moment - along with a sneak peak of the outfits we're both wearing today!

EMMA: Top - H&M / jacket - vintage Jaeger / jeans - H&M / shoes - Kurt Geiger / necklaces - Forever 21 and vintage

HARRIET: vest top - H&M / shirt - charity shop / cardigan - vintage / maxi skirt - Primark / necklace - gift

If you're looking for something a little smaller, this bag on the left would be perfect or when it starts getting warm enough for a day out this pink picnic bag is adorable to pop over your shoulder and go!

H & E x


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