Monday, 11 February 2013

Made it Monday: fabric letters

This is probably one of the simplest craft ideas ever and yet it leaves you with something beautiful you can display anywhere that's completely unique to you! These fabric covered letters are really ace and what makes them even better is you can choose the letter, the fabric and the decorations so no two will ever be the same (unless you want them to be of course!)

You will need:
- Cardboard letter (we got ours from Hobbycraft for £1 each)
- Glue
- Fabric of your choice (you can pick just one or loads, we got ours from our local haberdashery but you could use anything you like)
- Emma also used some patterned paper from a Hobbycraft book
- Sequins/embellishments (optional!)

Step one: Cut your fabric to fit and use the glue to stick in on to your letter.

Step two: Wait for it to dry (this is the hard part! It's difficult waiting when you want to get creative with the embellishments).

Step three: If you want to add anything to it, simply come up with the design and get sticking.

Step four: Display it proudly!

These are so fun to make and could even be a way to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day (although perhaps a big kid should take charge of cutting the fabric!) To make yours a bit different, why not try a different material? You could use off-cuts of wallpaper, patterned card/paper or why not cut up some old clothes you don't wear any more and use them? Or for children why not let them pick their favourite pages from a comic or magazine or add pictures of their favourite cartoon characters on to the letter?

H & E x

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