Saturday, 30 March 2013

Wardrobe wishlist: our favourite spring looks

Well it's almost April and like any fashion lovers we've been looking forward to the month ahead and all the goodies we want to buy. Our wardrobes are set to be bursting at the seams once we've purchased everything on our wishlist! But for now we've put together a list of six of our favourite items for spring. Click on any of the descriptions to go straight to the store's website if any of them tickle your fancy!


Leopard print is one of those prints that will be around for the rest of our lives and I absolutely love these! They just scream 'style' right at you and I'm sure these little beauts will be on my feet all year round.

I am loving the American Apparel skirts these season, they almost look vintage and can be dressed up or down for day or night!

I absolutely love this perfume! The smell is so fresh it makes you feel as though you're walking through a field full of flowers and the fragrance lasts forever!

I really can't wait to buy this panther bag from Topshop. It's so lightweight that you can throw anything in it and at just £15 you'll really get your money's worth!

I am loving this dress from Topshop - what a find! I'll be wearing this constantly, I especially love the looseness of it which will be ideal on days you don't feel your best!

I can't wait to buy and wear this trainers, they'll just look so cool with anything you pair them with!


I really want to try out this textured look on my nails and, knowing my love for Barry M, will probably end up with all four of the shades on offer in this range at the moment!

The distinctive pattern on this dress just caught my eye straightaway! It's only £30 and I think it would look amazing with a simple pair of heels, statement earrings and a big bun hairdo for going out this spring!

I'm a massive fan of a blazer and love it when it gets to the point where you can finally shed those winter clothes and get out and about with just a jacket on! The print on this little number is simply lovely.

I am in desperate need of some new heels (if 'want' means 'need'!) and my heart skipped a little beat when I saw these. Not only are they my absolute favourite print in the world but they're also a fab shape, get me to the shops now!

I already have way too many denim shirts in my wardrobe but the pattern on this is so lovely I don't think I'll be able to resist!

I'm a big fan of New Look for jeans as I think their sizing is very reliable and the quality's great for the price. I want to go a bit bolder with my jeans this seasons so these would be the perfect pair to achieve that look!

H & E x


  1. those patterned jeans are gorgeous, I have been looking for a pair for ages! Any idea on the pricing?? Allie xxx

  2. hey allie.......arent they just super.......if you click on the link they will take you straight to them.....24.99...

    we will give your blog a look....

    really hope you can give us a follow...