Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Treasure your new Things Tuesday: beauty and accessories

As we've probably mentioned a few times we love shopping and buying new things! Today we thought we'd bring you a selection of new accessories, beauty items and make up we've purchased this week - and of course tell you why we love them!


Topshop sandals
I absolutely love these sandals which I bought last week from Topshop - as soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them! They will go with almost everything and I've been braving the cold weather to wear them already because I can't wait to pop them on my feet!

Nivea Regenerating Night Cream and Rich Moisturising Day Cream
I love trying out new creams for my face and these Nivea products are absolutely amazing, they have really brightened up my cheeks!

MaxFactor Pan Stick
This pan stick is a must have! You only need to cover your face once and it gives you amazing coverage which lasts all day without the need to keep topping it up! It comes in five different shades, lasts for eight weeks or more and is only £6.99 - girls you need to run out and get one now!

Collection 2000 Bronzer
Like most girls I can't live without fake tan and this bronzer is truly the best. It gives you a natural bronzed look which I'm totally in love with!


Scarf - vintage
This was one of three new scarves I got from Emma's shop last week. I absolutely love the pattern on it and the dark colours which match perfectly with all of my lovely coats! I hardly ever go out without some sort of scarf on and this is a more than welcome addition to my huge collection!

Barry M nail varnishes
As if I didn't have enough nail varnishes, I picked up this lovely green and red glitter one and also a green colour too from Barry M which is definitely one of my favourite brands for nail colours. The glitter one looks a bit Christmassy but I'm loving wearing it now and I'm always a fan of a green colour too!

MUA blusher
I've been using this shade to contour my face rather than as a blusher as it's just the right shade to blend in with my more pink looking Maybelline blusher. I love how cheap MUA products are but the quality is still so high!

Primark bracelets
I just loved how simple and cute these bracelets were - perfect for laying up and creating a really cool casual look.

Primark shoes
Studded shoes are everywhere right now but I thought I'd buy some plain slip on suede look shoes so that I could stud them myself - I'm currently on the lookout for the perfect studs to use but while I am I've been wearing these and the same ones I purchased in a teal colour loads - they're perfect with tights and a little dress or equally with jeans.

H & E x

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