Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wedding dress Wednesday: 50s bride

Vintage weddings are absolutely massive right now with so many brides looking back to the past to bring some extra elegance and beauty to their big day. And the best thing about it is that no matter how many people choose a vintage theme, anyone doing so will always still have their own individual way of incorporating the theme in to their special day so no two weddings will ever be the same!

You can choose whether to fully embrace the theme with vintage dresses and cars or even an historic location, or whether just to nod to the past with table decorations or finishing touches. Inspiration is everywhere with many wedding fayres now including a vintage section but equally if you take the time to visit vintage shops and events you can really pick out some truly unique pieces which no other bride will have!

Emma found this amazing 50s wedding dress this week and everyone who's been in to the shop since has simply fallen in love with it!

The beauty of it is that although it's a fairly simple shape, those added details really give it a truly elegant and special look.

It's simply crying out to be worn by a beautiful bride!  

H & E x

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