Thursday, 7 February 2013

Trash to Treasure Thursday: vintage bottle decorations

How fantastic do these old bottles look with simple yet beautiful flowers in them? They were all found by Emma's dad on his land and all that was needed was a quick clean to get them looking good enough to display anywhere.

Our ideas for using vintage bottles:
- As shown in the picture, why not put a flower in them and display them either individually or in a group on your windowsill, on a mantlepiece or even as the centrepiece at your dining table. Once the wild flowers start growing in the spring this is an even cheaper idea!
- Why not fill them up with shells/beads/pot pourri or anything else decorative and display them like that?
- If you thoroughly clean them, there's no reason why they can't be used to put drink in! How amazed will your friends be if you offer them a drink out of these when they come round?
- Let's be honest they're so lovely you can just use them as a decoration on their own.

It's simple ideas like this that can make your home truly unique and really reflect your style!

H & E x

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