Friday, 1 February 2013

Fashion Friday: tailored jackets.

Fashion is all about taking a trend and making it your own so we thought we'd show you how you can pick a  piece and wear it day or night, no matter what you're doing! Following fashion is so easy these days when you can walk in to any high street shop and pick a beautiful piece off the rails but equally we firmly believe you can find a look which screams trendy by wearing vintage - they say fashion goes round in circles so why not pick a piece made last time today's trends were hot, that way you can guarantee you'll be the only one rocking it wherever you go!

This week we've picked tailored jackets - EVERYONE is wearing them right now and here's how we'd wear ours:

This cheeky checked little number is so on trend and has found its new owner who snapped it up as soon as they saw it in Emma's shop.

Emma's styled a beautiful night-time look for it: dress - Topshop/ shoes - vintage / bag - vintage / cross - Forever 21 / ball necklace - vintage.

And Harriet's paired it with some comfy casuals for a daytime look: oversized men's vest - Primark / jeans - New Look / headscarf - vintage / rings - H&M.

You can find this amazing striped blazer on sale at Primark!

This is Emma's daytime look for the stripy blazer: cami top - vintage / leather mini skirt - H&M / necklace - vintage / shoes - Converse (you can always add tights to this look while it's still a little chilly to go bare legged). 

And for a night-time look this is how Harriet would style it: dress - H&M / glittery shoes - New Look / owl earrings - gift / glitter (for eyes) - Barry M / nail varnish - Missguided.

This super cool vintage jacket is on sale at the shop.

This outfit styled by Emma would be perfect for a dinner date: dress - Topshop / boots - Kurt Geiger / nail varnish - OPI / belt - Primark.

Finally this is a work look from Harriet: dress - Topshop / watch - New Look / belt - Primark / boots - Primark / headscarf - H&M / nail varnish - Barry M.

Hopefully that's given you some inspiration - maybe there's a jacket you've had hanging in your wardrobe waiting for them to fill the pages of fashion magazines again or if not why not get out there and pick up a high street or a vintage jacket to complement any look!

H & E x

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