Thursday, 31 January 2013

T-shirt Thursday: Bleach patterns!

Forget bleaching your hair - bleaching your t-shirt is MASSIVE right now. Ever ahead of the trends, Emma's been selling bleach pattern tees in the shop for ages and they've been going down a storm. The beauty of this is it's so simple to do and you can choose any pattern you like. The favourites have been hearts, crosses and peace signs but you can be as wild as you like with the design.

You will need:
- Black t-shirt (we got ours from Primark)
- Household bleach
- Pot or bowl to put the bleach in
- Paintbrush

Step one - Lay the t-shirt flat, putting a tea towel or a piece of card in the middle of it so the print doesn't soak through to the back.

Step two - Dip the paintbrush in the bleach and draw out your pattern (either just on the front or on the back as well) - we chose a love heart but you can be as adventurous as you like!

Step three - You'll see the bits you've covered starting to turn red and then when it's completely dry it should be a yellowy orange colour.It's now ready to wear!

* Did you see our 'how to tiedye your t-shirt' post on Sunday? If not, why not check it out here. You'll never need to wear a boring plain t-shirt again! *

H & E x

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