Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wind down Wednesday: stress relieving products

Sometimes life is stressful, you're rushing around all the time and you hardly have time to think let alone pamper yourself - for times like that you need those go-to products you know will melt away those stresses and make you feel better in an instant! It's Wednesday now, we're halfway through the week and you might be needing that little pick me up that helps you carry on all the way til the weekend - so we've picked some of our favourite products that will do just that!


Soap and Glory Heel Genius
This really is totally amazing! Within days your feet are so soft that you can't help show them off!

Soap and Glory Sugar Rush
This fresh and foamy body wash is an energy-boosting citrus wake up call. It smells divine!

Soap and Glory shower gel
This leaves your skin soft, sexy and smooth!

Coconut and Honey bubble bath
You never want to leave your bath with this in it! It's an amazing price too at only £1.49 from Morrisons.

Lush face mask
This Catastrophe Cosmic fresh face mask is so refreshing! It leaves your skin so smooth with such a glow.

Baby oil
It's the biggest must-have going! I always use it straight on my wet skin. It dries quickly and leaves you with kissable skin!

Lush Moon and Sun steam tabs
These are amazing! You drop them in a bowl of really hot water and put your face over the bowl to steam your day's stress away. After you can re-use the water by putting it into a bottle in your fridge to keep it fresh - use it as cleanser to wash your face as the oil from the steam tab will refresh your skin daily for up to a month!


Simple Vital Vitamin foaming cleanser
I've already confessed my love for Simple products on this blog and I really do enjoy using this cleanser, it's so inexpensive and really works well. It leaves your face feeling fresh and soft which is exactly what you want if you're a little tired!

Radox Muscle Therapy bath soak
Having a bath is one of the most relaxing things you can do in my opinion! And this soak from Radox is excellent to soothe away those aches and pains.

H&M nail varnishes in Blue My Mind, Come Along With Me and Bella's Choice
Painting my nails is something I always find time to do, no matter how busy I am. I think it just makes you feel so much better if you've got a pop of colour on your nails. These are my latest shades I picked up from H&M, it's the first time I've used their varnishes but I am really impressed and I love all three colours!

Wilko fruity bath fizzers
These bath fizzers were one of my stocking fillers last Christmas, I've already used the orange one which smelt divine and I'm really looking forward to using these.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair shine tonic
I only discovered this hair product a couple of weeks ago but now I'm not sure how I lived without it - it's all too easy to lose shine on your hair when you're too busy to spend a long time on it so this is perfect to quickly spray over it to boost it a little, plus it smells beautiful!

H & E x

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