Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snazzy Sunday: tiedye t-shirts

Emma's been making tiedye t-shirts to sell in the shop and the customers can't get enough of them so today we thought we'd show you how to make your very own.
Each one is completely individual so you'll never see anyone wearing the exactly the same t-shirt as you!

You will need:
- A plain white t-shirt (we got ours from Primark but any one will do!)
- Elastic bands
- Rubber gloves
- Food bags
- Dylon fabric dye in your chosen colour (available at loads of places including supermarkets and Wilkinson)
- A plastic bowl (washing up size)

Step one: Lay the t-shirt out flat and pinch the middle of it, twisting the material in to the centre.

Step two: Keep going until the t-shirt is in a bundle like the picture below.

Step three: tie as many elastic bands around the t-shirt as you like, we chose three but you can do more or less if you prefer.

Step four: Put the dye in a bowl half full of warm water and drop the t-shirt in.

Step five: Leave to soak for at least half an hour. Then using your rubber gloves put the t-shirt in to the plastic food bag.

Step six: Leave the bag in an airing cupboard overnight and then the next day you can take it out, take the elastic bands off and rinse the rest of the dye off with cold water until it runs clear.

Step seven: Hang it up and once it's dry it's ready to wear!

Harriet wearing hers made using ocean blue dye!

For the first few washes make sure you're only cleaning it in cold water and only wash it occasionally to make sure the colour doesn't fade!

H & E x


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