Thursday, 2 May 2013

Photo perfect: a week in pictures

Sometimes you just want to share with the world your favourite things! These aren't all necessarily fashion or beauty related but here's just a few of the things we've been loving this week.

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This is my new necklace from Topshop which I'm absolutely in love with / My new YSL lipstick is a must have, this one is 14 Corail In Touch £24 / My little grandson loves Topshop just as much as I do, he was trying on this headband to show his Aunty Sian how cool he looked!
Love my own sundae creation made out of greek yoghurt, meringue, raspberries and ice cream / When I saw these cute heart bracelets in H&M I just had to have them, they're so sweet / This hair oil was a total bargain at £1.99 from Bodyshop, it really makes your hair sleek and smooth - go get some girls!
I did a photo shoot last week - the models looked truly amazing in my vintage clothes, all of the clothes featured are from the shop / These new trainers are super cool and the most comfy things on my feet - ASOS £50 / I just can't get enough of magazines!


Hairpins from Emma's shop, loving using these when I have my hair in a bun / Been living off Cafe Nero milkshake recently! Their new chocolate and coconut one is lush but the mint is my all time fave / I saw this card and just had to buy it, it's on my wall at work - so true!
Loving cute pink lips for the spring! This lipstick is from MUA, I've had it a while but it's a definite spring colour / I'm now officially RYA Level 1! Learning to sail is so much fun, I'd recommend it to anyone / I bought this amazing silver bracelet from Emma, it's got a lovely pattern and just needs a little TLC to get it shining again!
I'm playing this song constantly on the way to and from work, when I'm jogging, anywhere! Love it / This is my new jumper from Emma's shop, wearing it today even though it's probably too warm for jumpers right now! / This amazing cupcake was absolutely delicious, yum yum!

H & E x


  1. Great pics< I am following you girls, please follow me back;-)

    1. awwww thankyou going to follow you right now ....xx

  2. Love the pics ladies. I'm craving some yummy cake now, thanks! haha ;)

    1. this is it!!!!!!!! they look so yummy !!! i could eat them for breakfast lunch and evening snack.....xx