Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Beautiful buys: our shopping gems

It's that time of the week again when we've picked up a whole host of gorgeous things we want to share with you! We've picked four new things each to share with you, some are clothing, some are beauty related and some are a little bit random but fabulous all the same!


 I love my new vintage boyfriend jacket! It's from my vintage shop and looks amazing with anything!

These new make up brushes are amazing - they're so super cute and are handbag size which is so handy. Even better - they're only £3.99 from Primark!


These glasses were a total bargain at £1 and I'm hoping to get loads of use out of them now the sun is finally starting to shine!

I'm in love with candles! This one is from TK Maxx, it's London Royale and costs just £7.99. The smell of cedar and sage is divine!


This beautiful mac was donated to me by my nan! I was talking to her about wanting to buy a mac and two minutes later she was up her loft fetching down this beauty. It's so comfy to wear and in pristine condition considering its age, plus the lining buttons out so I'll be able to wear it right in to the summer.

She also donated this gorgeous scarf that she used to wear with the mac - I love a scarf and this one is even more special to me because it belonged to my nanny!

Not strictly a fashion or beauty buy but I picked these headphones up from Sports Direct for just £9.99. The sound quality is amazing and they look pretty cool too! I'll be wearing them all the time while I listen to my music as I walk to and from work and in the gym too.

I've also been purchasing new make up brushes, these were from Superdrug and were fairly pricey but compared to the price I'd pay for buying individual brushes I thought it was worth it. I believe they were £20 and for that you get a foundation, concealer, powder and contouring brush. They are super soft and great to use.

H & E x

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