Friday, 15 March 2013

There's something special about a tailored jacket

Pairing a tailored jacket with a shirt is such a timeless look but it seems lately more and more people are rocking this trend to its fullest. The beauty of it is it's such a versatile look which can be dressed up or dressed down. It's the perfect look for work, but equally it works just as well as a daytime look or even if you're going somewhere super stylish at night.

All you need to add to this look is some skinny jeans or disco pants for that casual look while you're out and about in the day. Or if you're looking for a smarter look try a pencil skirt or maxi skirt. As we move in to spring and dispense with massive coats and loads of layers, this is a look that will see you right through spring in to summer.

We've put together five different looks for this trend, all of which use pieces on sale at Emma's shop - because of course if you're picking up a new jacket and/or shirt for this trend we advise you go vintage!

This look is so smart but would look equally as good with some skinny jeans in the day. The stripes work so well together and isn't the shirt just adorable!

This jacket looks like it was made to go with this shirt! The detail on the collar matches perfectly for an amazing look.

This look really brings a pop of colour in to your outfit! How adorable is this jacket and the colours on the shirt match it perfectly!

Another colourful look here with this Pierre Balmain jacket!

You don't always have to stick with a shirt, why not try different combinations and experiment with the look?!

H & E x


  1. I'm Somewhat of a style chameleon, but a regular shirt & tailored jacket wearer, always teamed up with some skinny jeans and a nice pair of heels. I just love that first look, could definitely see myself wearing that! Putting on a tailored jacket just instantly makes me feel good, Such fab peices!
    Love it girls x janine (MadamTrixieB)

  2. awwww beautiful comment janine......

    yes a tailored jacket is a timeless piece....

    classy as they come.......

    we will have lots more fashion ideas...