Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Festival vibe is on its way.

It may seem like a long way away but festival season will soon be upon us and of course that means plenty of planning to ensure you've got everything you need to have the best time possible. The festivals are always a massive source of fashion inspiration, especially Coachella which regularly attracts the coolest celebs rocking trends you probably couldn't get away with anywhere else. But before you start thinking about what to wear, it's time to make sure you've got all those little essentials!

We've put together a handy list of some of the essentials you'll be needing to take:

First thing's first - a tent is an absolute must! This cute Cath Kidston one is lovely but you can find cheaper alternatives if you don't want to splash the cash.
How amazing are these Hunter wellies? Definitely invest in a pair as you'll be wearing them the whole time you're there.
This adorable sleeping bag is from Emma's shop, if you hunt in charity shops you might be able to pick yourself up a bargain.

Fingers crossed it's going to be hot while you're there, so a sun hat is a must. Why not tie a scarf round yours?
Mouthwash, dry shampoo and cooling spray are going to keep you feeling fresh, even on the last day.

Denim shorts are going to be so easy to wear with pretty much any top you take, plus they'll look really cool with your wellies.
Make sure you take a camera to capture all those special moments and some sunglasses (good for tired eyes as well as sunny days!)

Insect pens, mouthwash, deodorant and moisturiser are key for your toiletries bag.
And a backpack is going to be so handy to transport all your things in. This lovely vintage one is on sale in the shop.

Baby wipes will keep you feeling fresh while a brolly and suncream mean you'll be prepared whatever the weather.
Bed socks will keep you warm, bobbles are a must so you can tie up your hair and a little nail varnish won't take up much room in the bag but will ensure your nails stay looking lovely!

Don't forget to take a handtowel.
Toothpaste and many other toiletries come in mini sizes so make sure you stock up before you go. You can also get samples from make up counters so you don't have to take a huge make up bag!

We hope you enjoyed our handy festival guide! Have fun whichever one you're at this summer!

H & E x

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