Sunday, 17 February 2013

Step up your Style Sunday: coats, hats and scarves

With winter refusing to leave us both of us are still firmly wrapped up in our warm vintage coats! If you've got to layer up because it's so cold outside, you might as well do it in style right?  If you're going to invest in a coat, vintage is a much better choice than designer! You can guarantee the piece will be made really well plus it'll probably cost you a fraction of the price of a new one!
So here's a selection of coats, scarves and hats from the shop and our suggestions about how to style them!

We're very excited to be showing you some Marshall and Snelgrove coats and hats today - the company was founded in the 19th century and had a shop on Oxford Street, merging with Debenhams just after the First World War. The brand is still much sought-after and respected so these pieces probably won't be in the shop for too long! They're so beautiful someone is bound to snap them up very soon.

This Astra Furs coat is an absolute beaut, it was made in Paris from the 'famous French fabric' and looks amazing even today. It will go with almost anything - in the daytime with jeans, out on a night out, even with your Converse!

How amazing is this Marshall and Snelgrove coat? It just looks beautiful on and no words can describe how amazing it feels to wear! Again this would look lovely teamed with some skinny jeans and casual shoes in the daytime or equally it could finish off your night-time amazingly! Whatever you team with it it's bound to turn heads!

This is another Marshall and Snelgrove coat which is really ideal for a daytime look - it's so comfy and will be guaranteed to keep you warm whatever you're doing! Again jeans would look brilliant with it but why not try a dress or a shirt for a smarter look?

This is a 50s vintage rabbit fur coat which is so versatile and would work with anything!

How lovely is this 50s tweed coat with fur collar? The colour and fit is amazing!

Both the top and the middle hats are also Marshall and Snelgrove and the bottom one is a lovely 70s one. A hat can really finish off your outfit and any of these would look amazing with any of the coats above! Why not add a brooch or decoration on to your hat to make it even more individual!

How amazing are these scarves! You can either style any of these around your neck, as a bowtie under a shirt, as a headscarf or why not tie it around the bottom of your plait if you've got long hair?

H & E x

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