Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday Sparkles: our favourite jewellery

How amazing does this jewellery from the shop look?

Whoever made up the rule about putting your all accessories on and then taking one piece off didn't know what they were talking about! Both of us absolutely love jewellery - it just adds that something special to an outfit and can also make it feel fresh and new even if you've worn it hundreds of times just by mixing up those finishing touches. We've both picked out five of our favourite pieces (what a hard decision!) for you to have a little look at!


Vintage necklace
I just absolutely love this necklace, it's so unusual and really adds something special to any outfit!

Pandora bracelet
This bracelet was a gift from my daughter, I love how delicate and pretty it is and it's so easy to wear and matches with pretty much anything.

I love wearing rings and these are two amazing vintage ones which are my favourites!

Vintage watch
This amazing watch was given to me by my dad from when he was a young man so it's a very precious piece in my jewellery collection.

I love these statement vintage earrings! They look amazing!


Vintage necklace
This beaut is from Emma's shop - I absolutely love it! What really drew me to it is how long it is so it's perfect to wear with a maxi dress in the summer or equally I wear it to work with a dress or even on nights out. It's so heavy but amazing to wear and I always get comments on it wherever I go!

Owl earrings (gift)
I've got a real thing about owls and have many assorted bits and bobs featuring them. I love the way these earrings aren't too overstated but yet they're still so cute and go with pretty much anything.

H necklace (gift)
This is a real contrast to most of the jewellery I wear in that it's so dainty. It was given to me by one of my closest friends and of course I love it because it features my initial!

Skull ring - Dammit Janet
Big chunky rings are my absolute favourite jewellery to wear and it's very rare I go out without a ring or two on. I really love this skull design and it's breaking my heart a little bit that it's getting too loose on me now! 

H&M marble ring
This cute and simple ring was part of a pack from H&M that I got ages ago and it's remained a firm fave of mine ever since. I just love wearing it.

We hope you've enjoyed having a peek into our jewellery boxes and we'll be back tomorrow with a very tasty post!

H & E x

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