Monday, 4 February 2013

Milliners Monday: Christian Dior hat!

Just a little post today to show off something amazing Emma found the other day!
Ems regularly buys various vintage bits and pieces from people to sell in the shop and among the items she got the other day were some hats - she never dreamed when she opened up one of the hat boxes sitting there would be this beautiful Christian Dior hat!

As you can see it's in absolutely mint condition with gold rings on the back where the scarf's attached. The silk hat was made in England in about the 1950s and just looks amazing! As a lifelong Christian Dior fan, Emma was absolutely over the moon to find this!

So hopefully you've enjoyed having a look at the hat as much as Emma's enjoying being its proud owner!
We've picked up plenty of craft goodies to create lots of new posts in the coming days so make sure you come back and have a look!

H & E x

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