Friday, 22 February 2013

Fashion Friday: midi skirts

It's Fashion Friday again! If you haven't seen any of our previous posts on a Friday (if not, why not? Click here for tailored jackets and here for tailored trousers) then what we do is pick three items and then both of us choose an outfit to go with it! Today is midi skirts which are just everywhere right now - and it's easy to see why, they go with everything and can be styled up or down for any occasion!

Skirt 1:

This 90s vintage skirt is lovely and houndstooth patterns are so in right now! Emma's even added some little skulls to the pocket to add even more detail to it. 

Emma's look: top - vintage / bag - vintage

This is how Harriet would style it for work: shirt - Primark / loose fitting silky jacket - H&M - lace up heels -  Primark / headscarf - vintage / Paris necklace - Claire's / owl bracelet - Primark

Skirt 2:

This lovely vintage blue skirt is so soft and looks great!

A casual day look for Emma: shoes - Topshop / rock t-shirt (tucked in) - vintage / gold bag - vintage

Harriet's styled it up for a super casual daytime look: butterfly vest top - H&M / cardi - vintage / belt - H&M / shoes - Converse / armour ring - Topshop / skull ring - Dammit Janet / add black tights too!

Skirt 3:

This is a Bazar de Christian Lacroix 90s skirt, isn't it amazing!

This is how Emma would style it to go out to a bar - top (tucked in) - Frank Usher / brown snakeskin shoes - vintage / bag - vintage

This is how Harriet would wear it for dinner with friends: Barbie top - Miss Selfridge / leather jacket - New Look / shoes - Primark / earring - River Island / headscarf - vintage / with black tights too.

If you're enjoying Fashion Friday (or if you'd like to see us style a particular item) let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter!

H & E x


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